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Exceptionally Clear Friend Ranch Thunderegg

I have sometimes pondered on the existence of a completely clear thunderegg - one where, instead of just hints, that torn interior of the matrix would be perfectly visible in a pool of clear 'water'. I suppose, if any egg bed was going to do that, it might well be friend ranch - and this murky little pool is the closest to that I have seen yet. Many of these look like ponds, but this one is the most realistic. It is a 'scenic' thunderegg in a different sense. The murky water just contains a few swimming 'lifeforms' of black agate (leeches? Flatworms?) and, aside from that, it is all moss and murky algae!

I have compared thundereggs to all sorts of strange things on my site – Friend Ranch polluted ponds with planarian worms. Fred’s Bed eggs looking like bizarre 'cysts' in flesh or diseased organs – such as my lovely and painful Broken Heart specimen - here. Fallen Tree eggs like bones teaming with feeding growths - here . . . Those aren’t derogatory comparisons by any means but just another part of the wonder of these things and the worlds they contain - and it is a strange phenomenon that suddenly these images that might be negative are actually breathtakingly beautiful when they are a thunderegg.  So these eggs prove that our notions of what is beautiful and what isn't can be rather subjective, it seems - that beauty that can be found in the most unexpected places if we look in the right way. And maybe these thundereggs prove in some obscure way that even a murky polluted pond or a growth of something in a bone can be a marvel.

Another nice touch is the patch of lighter, smoother marbled stone lurking in the matrix. I like it!

Size: 3"w x 2"h x 1 3/8"d.  Weight: 4 oz.




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